Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tyran Schouten Thumbnails and Reference

Ethan Brown, Moment Painting Influence Map and Thumbnails

Kyle Merriman - Moment Painting, References / Thumbnail

I think this is was my favorite of the thumbnails so far - travelers wandering through an ancient forest.  I'm liking the gnarly shapes of the old spanish moss trees.  I'm going to do some more thumbnailing to try different compositions - maybe add a little bit more of a story element as well (something watching / lurking around them , a goal at the end of the path, etch.)

Stefan Vizante - thumbnails & reference

Jesse Draper: Thumbnails

Stacey Sleight - Moment Painting Thumbnails and Reference

You can see that my story idea took a different turn by the end.... I want to go for the contrast of two best friends, one shy, one adventurous as they pursue a journey and explore the outside world of nature. The idea of the characters looking over a vast cliff greatly appeals to me so I want to explore a more vertical compositions with this piece.

EDIT: My apologies for the thumbnail scans. The contrasting values didn't seem to catch under my smart phone's camera...

Amber Stotts reference sheet and thumbnails

Ellie Warner

Michelle Farrell Moment Thumbnails & Reference

I want to do a moment in the fall with brightly colored leaves and dappled lighting. It will take place in a front yard with lots of leaves everywhere. The focal point is a dad playing with his daughter after coming home from work. He'll be wearing a white shirt and tie still. I want the whole scene to feel warm and happy. The thumbnails with a blue dot are the ones that I am most considering, though there may be others that are better.

Karlee Packer - Moment Painting - Thumbnails

Shannon Bladel - Reference and Thumbnails

Moment Painting Thumbs - Miranda Moorhead

Hannah Nielsen--References and Thumbnails

Rebeca Alvarez- Moment painting progress

Patrick Spencer - Moment Thumbnails and Beginning Reference

Brooklyn Parks—Moment Thumbnails